A Brighter Everyday Life at Home

With our first IKEA store launch in Hyderabad around early 2018, we are opening an interactive experience centre at Forum Mall this November. It will be a space for introducing the brand and its Swedish roots along with providing inspirations to our future customers with our home furnishing solutions.

While you wait for the store to shop, you can visit the interactive experience centre to get a sense of all the unique products we have to offer. So get comfortable on our sofa, check out our wardrobes and feel our thick rugs. This way, you can start creating a wish list preparing for all the products you will shop at the store when it launches.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Creating a better everyday life for the many people

IKEA is a Swedish Home furnishings company founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 in Småland in southern Sweden. At the age of five Ingvar Kamprad started his journey as an entrepreneur selling matches to his nearby neighbours. From matches he expanded his business to selling flower seeds, greeting cards, Christmas tree decorations, and later pencils and ball point pens.

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A culture of hearts

The IKEA culture is hard to describe but easy to embrace. It’s a culture of enthusiasm, togetherness and willpower, born from our roots in southern Sweden and inspired by the IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad.

The IKEA culture humbly unites us in our work to create a better everyday life for the many people. It’s not an easy task – and maybe that’s why we and all other IKEA coworkers are so dedicated.

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Make Room For Life

IKEA catalogue 2018 is out

What do you want to make room for?


How we support refugees

From 2013-2015, IKEA Group and the IKEA Foundation ran the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign to help refugee families look forward to a brighter future.

Social entrepreneurs

Empowering women empowers us all

By offering women a chance to earn an income, new opportunities opens up and brings an economy that will help generate new energy for the initiative as a whole.

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