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IKEA Purchasing
IKEA is committed to responsible sourcing, and our history of developing successful supplier relationships in India means that IKEA is well positioned, not just to ‘Make in India’ for India, but to ‘Make More in India’ for IKEA worldwide. This gives the current and future new suppliers in India a much bigger market to aspire for.

IKEA has been sourcing from India for the last 28 years and currently has 48 suppliers with 45,000 direct employees and approximately 400,000 people in our extended supply chain.

The IKEA Group mandatorily requires its worldwide suppliers and sub-suppliers to comply with IKEA’s code of conduct (IWAY) that requires suppliers of IKEA Group to secure good working conditions and health and safety for workers on the factory floor including minimum salaries, working hours in addition to providing for employees health & safety. IKEA has ensured their suppliers, including in India, provide Bank accounts and ATM cards for workers.

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