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IKEA Food Co-worker

IKEA Food Co-worker



It takes a dream to create a successful business idea....It takes people to make dreams a reality.


Working at the IKEA Group means that you are part of an inspiring, fun and fast-paced environment. We’re the world’s largest home furnishing retailer, with 155,000 co-workers and operations in 43 countries, but we value working in a non-bureaucratic way. Here you can always be yourself. In fact, we actively encourage it! At IKEA, we respect each other, our differences and are open to everyone making a contribution. So no matter where you work in the world, you’ll most likely rub shoulders with a diverse group of people – with different backgrounds, special skills and a quirky sense of humour.


We offer exceptional career and learning possibilities at IKEA. Our co-workers are encouraged to try different roles, and many change between functions and countries several times in their careers. You can design your own career path according to your development plan and future goals. We believe in every co-worker’s ability to develop. Because as you grow, IKEA grows too. To start growing with IKEA, take a look at our different roles and available jobs.



  • I ensure our customers are always in focus and strive to make them smile. I meet and serve our customers showing empathy and care. I am willing to listen and support them with an attitude based on the IKEA values.

  • I am a good ambassador for the IKEA store in all contact with our customers and I give them a good reason to return again and again.

  • I see my area through the eyes of our customers and I have a daily dialogue with them to get continuous feedback about their experiences and to learn more about their needs and wants. I then take action based on their input. I also give new ideas to my manager on how to continuously improve the meeting with our customers.

  • I know about the services offered in my store and use this knowledge to help customers. I contribute to an easy buying process that will make it easy and convenient for our customers to shop in the store at all times throughout the day.


  • I work to ensure quality, freshness, efficiency and an appealing range presentation, for example by following set product sheets.

  • I am passionate about my products and actively learn about their content, origins and other benefits.

  • I share this knowledge with my customers and colleagues.

  • I work to optimise sales, e.g. up-selling and add-on sales.

  • I support my manager in implementing range changes in a simple and cost-conscious way.

  • I keep my area of responsibility well maintained throughout the day and also prepare it in readiness for the next day’s business.

  • I work to ensure that my area of responsibility is clean, tidy, organised, priced, attractive and inviting at all times.

  • I contribute to the department’s action plan by taking ownership for my part in its delivery.

  • I contribute to vitality and take part in in-store activities that are set with my manager.

  • I take active interest in our local competition and provide my manager with relevant input regarding range and pricing


  • I help and support colleagues when needed and I share my knowledge with them and encourage them to do the same.

  • I value my colleagues’ ways of working and I learn from those who work differently to me.

  • I take an active role in my team and co-operate when appropriate with colleagues in other area of the store.

  • keep myself informed so that I can perform effectively.

  • I am responsible for my own development and look to my manager to support me in my development.

Steering the business

  • I know our daily and weekly sales targets and this drives me to sell more.

  • I understand the impact of my actions on the financial results of my area and know which results I have influence over.

  • I look for more effective ways of working to reduce costs and

  • I am cost conscious, for example through; controlling waste, correct portions, correct production levels and correct cooking methods.


  • I comply with and follow internal rules, policies and daily operational routines regarding issues like quality, food safety and stock figures as set by my manager.

  • I execute IKEA store operations and I do my part to make sure that our operations are in line at all times with the Functional Commercial Review standards.

  • Safety is a top priority and I and take action and raise and discuss concerns with a manager as needed.

  • I ensure any food incident, or potential incident, is reported through CASY and I inform the duty manager.

Essentials for the role

  • Previous service environment experience, ideally sales or hospitality

  • Experience of working in a fast-paced environment

  • Computer literate, specifically MS Office


  • I am motivated and inspired by the IKEA values.

  • I am sales-driven and passionate about food and people.

  • I am service-minded and always keep the customer in focus.

  • I am driven to meet and exceed my goals.

  • I am enthusiastic about working with others in a team.

  • I am curious and eager to learn more in order to grow both the business and as a person. I share my knowledge with other colleagues.



  • A person with the potential to become a Team Leader and who is curious about taking a next step within the IKEA store.

  • Confident in approaching and talking to people in a friendly manner.

  • Takes personal initiative.

  • Good attention to detail and the ability to prioritise and organise individual work duties in order to make the most efficient use of time available.