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IKEA FOOD Kitchen Production Co-worker

IKEA FOOD Kitchen Production Co-worker




It’s about attracting visitors to the stores, encouraging IKEA store visitors to stay longer and enjoy more, making it fun for everyone, offering great food with quality at the lowest prices, giving visitors a tasty reason to return again and again, and providing co-workers with a chance to rest and re-charge.

To ensure the full potential of IKEA Food is realised, the following 10 tasks must be fulfilled:

1. Attract visitors to the IKEA store

2. Offer a range that appeals to the many people on the market

3. Strengthen the low-price profile of the IKEA store

4. Strengthen the quality perception of the IKEA store

5. Contribute to a day out for the whole family

6. Strengthen the Swedish profile of the IKEA store

7. Build trust for the IKEA store among customers, co-workers and suppliers

8. Ensure that IKEA co-workers get a good meal for a low price

9. Serve the many store visitors

10. Be efficient and generate a reasonable profit

By doing this, IKEA Food supports the IKEA store in selling more IKEA home furnishing products.


Strive towards making people smile while providing irresistible food offers in a welcoming atmosphere that gives our customers a good reason to return. Focus on our customers and seek (and act on) feedback.

  • To get continuous feedback about customer experiences and to learn more about their needs and wants. And then take action based on their input. Give new ideas to the manager on how to continuously improve the meeting with customers.
  • Know about the services offered in store and use this knowledge to help customers.
  • Contribute to an easy buying process that will make it easy and convenient for our customers to shop in the store at all times throughout the day.
  • To ensure quality, freshness, efficiency and an appealing range presentation, for example by following set product sheets.
  • Be passionate about products and actively learn about their content, origins and other benefits. 
  • Support manager in implementing range changes in a simple and cost-conscious way.
  • Keep the area of responsibility well maintained throughout the day and also prepare it in readiness for the next day’s business.
  • Ensure that area of responsibility is clean, tidy, organized, priced, attractive and inviting at all times.
  • Take active interest in our local competition and provide my manager with relevant input regarding range and pricing.
  • Take an active role in team and co-operate when appropriate with colleagues in other area of the store. 
  • Know our daily and weekly sales targets and this drives to sell more.
  • Understand the impact of actions on the financial results of area and know which results have influence over.
  • Look for more effective ways of working to reduce costs and be cost conscious, for example through; controlling waste, correct portions, correct production levels and correct cooking methods.
  • Comply with and follow internal rules, policies and daily operational routines regarding issues like quality, food safety and stock figures as set by manager.
  • Execute IKEA store operations and make sure that our operations are in line at all times with the Functional Commercial Review standards.
  • Safety is a top priority, take action and raise and discuss concerns with a manager as needed. Ensure any food incident, or potential incident, is reported through CASY and inform the duty manager.

Knowledge and previous experience

  • Previous service environment experience, ideally sales or hospitality
  • Experience of working in a fast-paced environment
  • Computer literate, specifically MS Office