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Competence Development Specialist

Competence Development Specialist



To build and retain a long-lasting relationship with new and existing customers in a multichannel retail environment by:
• valuing and fulfilling customer needs and expectations, thereby stimulating more and more frequent visits.
• understanding customer motivation and expectations, and playing an active role in turning them into commercial opportunities.
• ensuring a positive shopping experience that creates trust in the IKEA Brand before, during and after their visit. 

This shall happen by working in partnership with all business functions to contribute to commercial growth.


Contribute to a seamless customer journey for all non face-to-face contacts by developing the competence and knowledge of all co-workers and team leaders, enabling them to meet the customers' needs and expectations.

  • Support creating a learning offer meeting the demands, needs and expectations from the organization.

  • Facilitate learning throughout the unit to help the participants to achieve defined learning objectives.

  • Understand the unit action plan and actively contribute to achieving the goals. Implement learning and development methods and facilitate learning and development activities.

  • Recognise and respond to learning preferences and styles and support to achieve personal learning objectives.

  • Ensure a safe, learner-centered environment and up-to-date learning material.

  • Define relevant short- and mid-term learning objectives based on operational feedback to close the knowledge gaps.

  • Analyse and work actively with participants after their implementation of learnings at their work place.

  • Support and coach other trainers in your unit in order to ensure that all trainings are facilitated on a qualitative high level. Secure a follow-up process of initiated learning activities.

  • Take own initiative for learning and developing my competence. Understand that my development is my own responsibility.


    Essentials for the role

    Experienced in training teams and quality monitoring.

  • Should be able communicate in English , Telugu & Hindi

  • Must have fair knowledge of content writing.

  • Good computer skills.

  • Knowledge about the IKEA Brand, culture and values.

  • Understand IKEA Customer Support Centre operations processes.

  • Deep knowledge about the principles and techniques of training.

  • Good understanding of how variety of methods involves participants in the training program.

  • Able to engage and motivate others.

  • Able to use training tools used in the Customer Support Centre.

  • Knowledge about the IKEA learning direction.


    Personal values reflect the IKEA values.

  • Enjoy working with people, coaching and mentoring.

  • Get as much out of helping others achieve and develop as developing myself. Desire to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Passion and energy to secure learning within the business.