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CDOS Specialist (Distribution Services)

CDOS Specialist (Distribution Services)



Support that customer orders can be fulfilled according customer wish by monitoring this order flow and securing a qualitative information flow to concerned parties. Assure high availability of the articles at Customer Distribution Center (CDC) and if applicable at multifunctional unit (MFLU) or centralized parcel unit (CPU), by an optimized stock level at lowest possible cost. Monitor and maintain the replenishment orders to ensure that the service level demands can be fulfilled. Coordinate a commercial range together with all involved parties and ensure that the range renewal process is implemented and followed. Interact with the CDC operations and CSB (Category Service Business) concerning the daily operations and services to ensure the highest level of quality including high quality of lead times.

Your tasks will include:

  • Support the fulfillment and execution of the defined strategies and business plans
  • Take an active role in benchmarking/exchanging on processes with other DCGs/Markets/Areas
  • Development/evaluation of working routines and follow-up/ escalation of operational key figures
  • Contribute in the assigned competence network(s).
  • Secure that IKEA rules and guidelines as well as laws and regulations are followed
  • Ensure that range set-up in all systems of the valid customer order distribution articles is secured according to time
  • Schedule of the range renewal process. Ensure that all new articles are available on time for the CDC and if applicable CPU, MFLU and discontinued items are removed from the CDC and if applicable CPU, MFLU
  • Maintain and set of all needed parameters in all related systems
  • Maintain sales forecast for replenishment, monitoring of replenishment orders
  • Focus on sales activities and constraints period/peak periods preparation
  • Review inventory stock levels at CDC and if applicable CPU, MFLU
  • Maintain and set of all needed replenishment parameters in all related system


Your knowledge, skills and experience include:

  • Contribute to the achievement of goals agreed in GSP and Local Appendix
  • Accuracy of the execution on activities, constraints/peak periods, fill-up for new store openings/rebuilds
  • Focus Range: CDC and if applicable CPU, MFLU Range Size and Management
  • Focus Range: News Precision
  • Focus Replenishment: CD Service Level (acc. to GSP)
  • Focus Replenishment: Healthy stock level acc to agreed way (stock index)
  • Focus Replenishment: Healthy DD-Share
  • Focus Order Management: Order Deviation and information management
  • Focus Order Management: Delivery Precision to LSC (acc to GSP)


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