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Senior Customs Specialist (Distribution Services)

Senior Customs Specialist (Distribution Services)



Purpose of the Function: To support the IKEA goods availability to relevant stakeholders for the fulfilment of the agreed service level to IKEA customer, establishing the customs process and deliver operation excellence by smooth and efficient border-crossing activity at lowest cost, meanwhile fully complying with relevant laws and regulations in local country.


Purpose of the Job: Handle customs operation / documentation by actively securing accurate data, document preparation and timely delivery, by coordinating stakeholders both internal and external across supply chains, to fulfil the function goal of availability, low cost and compliance.

The roles and responsibilities would vary depending on the work group assigned, but would generally involve the following:

  1. Receipt and checking of shipping documents accuracy and correction.

  2. Tracking container status & reviewing missing invoices

  3. Preparation and submission of accurate Customs declarations.

  4. Interact with customs officers to complete the cargo assessment, examination & sampling for testing.

  5. Responsible for customs legal document archiving.

  6. Maintain all statutory records & reports for internal and external stakeholders.

  7. Responsible for verification of contracted service provider Invoice and on time payment to service providers.

  8. Interaction with Internal & External stakeholders for submission of post import documentation.

  9. Responsible for duty payment control and authorizing process with internal stakeholders.

  10. Knowledge of customs & shipping documentation; Knowledge of Customs Operations procedures; Knowledge of international & logistics

  11. Working experience in import or export or customs or trade related area; Good Microsoft office skills;

  12. Working experience of customs;

  13. Working experience of at customs brokers

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