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Store Service Business Leader

Store Service Business Leader



JOB TITLE: Store Service Business Leader (Department Head)


• To achieve an enjoyable, convenient and successful shopping and buying experience which will lead to increased sales and sustained long-term profitability.

• To create satisfied customers in an efficient and effective way by using all media and sales channels in order to attract and encourage more customers to come more often and buy more. This is achieved by optimizing sales priorities, using commercial activities and ensuring accurate forecasts for the total IKEA offer are in place.

• The main responsibilities are to ensure satisfied customers, develop and execute sales steering and sell the IKEA way.


To lead and optimise the IKEA service business and secure satisfied customers and increased sales and profitability of the home furnishing offer. To lead strategies and actions of the IKEA business in a multichannel retail environment through the functions involved in the IKEA service business.

To lead and inspire your team to optimise the shopping experience to secure satisfied customers and increased sales and profitability in your store. To achieve this using your knowledge of the IKEA product range, the local market, competition and customers. Your leadership is based on performing & delivering while learning and developing in the business. You use the IKEA tools and expertise of your team and your colleagues to support you.


  • Ensure a market relevant service offer at a market relevant price in the different sales channels.

  • Secure a consistent, seamless positive customer experience through all channels by ensuring that your department is always striving to fulfil the three IKEA customer motivators: "Is it worth it?", "Can I trust IKEA", "Is there something for me?

  • Support the commercial team in maximising the opportunities of IKEA’s service business.

  • Lead and secure the implementation of country service business priorities while sharing and implementing good solutions.

  • Know your local market potential and work with your team and other functions to ensure your store is locally relevant throughout the different sales channels.

  • Ensure you have the right number of co-workers in the right place at the right time to run their area successfully and ensure they are available to serve customers & help them buy.

  • Secure successful implementation of country priorities and share & implement good solutions.

  • Secure the operational excellence of the service business together with all relevant stakeholders.

  • Follow up your financial goals, KPIs and costs, and take action on deviations. Motivate and develop team members by agreeing clear goals, expectations and conducting follow-ups.

  • Secure and follow up the qualitative performance of the service business, end to end, and continuously improve the ways of working.

  • Secure a cross-organisational alignment in terms of the scope of the service business in the market.

  • Actively support & ensure that the service business is in line with IKEA’s social & environmental commitment


  • Common Store Goals
  • Sales & GM
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • VOICE & Team spirit
  • Efficiency / Sales Productivity
  • Lead Time (Measure, Pick, Deliver, Assemble & Install)


  • Understanding of profit and loss.
  • Knowledge of the business planning process.
  • Knowledge of the service business in your country.
  • Understanding of the local market and competition and what this means for pricing.
  • Understanding of life at home in your Primary market Area.
  • Understanding of how to create business in the multichannel retail environment.
  • Awareness of legal requirements and third-party contracts.
  • A proven record of strong and successful leadership.
  • Skilled in creating a high commercial performance.
  • Analytical and numerical skills.
  • Ability to set budgets, implement action plans and follow up goals.


  • Passionate about fulfilling customer needs and expectations.
  • A passion for developing people and talent.
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced and future-oriented environment.
  • A passion and interest in people's everyday life at home and home furnishing.
  • Lead continuous improvements in ways of working.
  • Passionate about growing and developing a business area.


  • Ability to lead business through people.
  • Ability to take decisions based on strategic goals.
  • Ability to motivate and influence others within the service business.
  • Ability to communicate clearly in various situations.
  • Ability to make things happen by championing flexibility, speed and simplicity.
  • Your leadership is based on performing and delivering while learning and developing.

Past Experience (Preferred):

  • Experience of working in a customer-oriented (service or retail) industry.
  • Proven record of consistently meeting agreed budgets and goals, and working on plans over a number of years.
  • Experience of leading and managing a team preferably gained in customer-oriented service or retail environment.
  • Experience of working in a commercial role.
  • Business-minded and result-driven with a customer focus.
  • Experience of leading and developing people.
  • Experience of setting and implementing action plans, budgets and following up goals.
  • Understand profit and loss and how to affect its result through actions.
  • Ability to manage poor performance.
  • Proven ability to understand the cause and effect of decisions.
  • Ability to influence in a matrix organisation.

IKEA CORE LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES: all 6 capabilities are important and the 3 most critical leadership criteria for this job are:

  • Develop the business and deliver results
  • Lead and develop people
  • Inspire and Clarify
  • Create togetherness
  • Find better ways
  • Enable change
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