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IKEA Food Team Leader

IKEA Food Team Leader





It takes a dream to create a successful business idea....It takes people to make dreams a reality.


Working at the IKEA Group means that you are part of an inspiring, fun and fast-paced environment. We’re the world’s largest home furnishing retailer, with 155,000 co-workers and operations in 43 countries, but we value working in a non-bureaucratic way. Here you can always be yourself. In fact, we actively encourage it! At IKEA, we respect each other, our differences and are open to everyone making a contribution. So no matter where you work in the world, you’ll most likely rub shoulders with a diverse group of people – with different backgrounds, special skills and a quirky sense of humour.

We offer exceptional career and learning possibilities at IKEA. Our co-workers are encouraged to try different roles, and many change between functions and countries several times in their careers. You can design your own career path according to your development plan and future goals. We believe in every co-worker’s ability to develop. Because as you grow, IKEA grows too. To start growing with IKEA, take a look at our different roles and available jobs.

We are currently looking for IKEA Food Team Leader to join our IKEA India team in Hyderabad


 It’s about attracting visitors to the stores, encouraging IKEA store visitors to stay longer and enjoy more, making it fun for everyone, offering great food with quality at the lowest prices, giving visitors a tasty reason to return again and again, and providing co-workers with a chance to rest and re-charge 


 I support my manager to fulfill the purpose of our function and the development of the IKEA business in the respective area of responsibility in IKEA food. I strive to make people smile while providing irresistible food offers in a welcoming atmosphere that gives our customers a good reason to return again and again.
I am line responsible during the work shift when the manager of the area is not present. I spend my working time on the floor, listening, acting, helping and supporting customers and co-workers. 



  • I ensure our customers are always in focus and strive to make them smile. I am willing to listen and support them with an attitude based on the IKEA values.

  • I lead by example and am a good ambassador for the IKEA store in all contact with our customers.

  • I have a daily dialogue with our customers to get continuous feedback about their experiences and to learn more about their needs and wants. I then take action based on their input.

  • I take immediate action to meet the needs of customers and give input on how to continuously improve the meeting with them. I encourage my colleagues to do the same.

  • I ensure our customers have a great shopping experience at all times throughout the day.


  • I have an overview of the store business plan and I contribute to IKEA Food action plan by supporting my manager in implementing it with the team.

  • I secure an irresistible food offer by ensuring an attractive presentation by supporting my manager in implementing it with the team.

  • I am passionate about my products and actively learn about their content, origins and other benefits. I share this knowledge with my customers and colleagues.

  • I work with my manager to actively contribute and support relevant marketing and in-store activities.

  • I support my manager in implementing range changes in a simple and cost-conscious way. 

  • I initiate commercial activities that attract store visitors. Also take actions to secure productivity.

  • I ensure my area is efficiently maintained, clean, organized, attractive and inviting to provide a positive customer experience.

  • I use my local market awareness to give my manager input regarding range and pricing


  • I work with my manager to ensure all the co-workers in my area understand the IKEA Concept and key guidelines, as well as how these have an impact on their specific roles.

  • I lead by example and support and coach my colleagues on the job so they can meet the needs of our customers and grow professionally.

  • I work actively to create an environment where the IKEA culture is a strong and living reality, and diversity is valued, to ensure IKEA Food is regarded as a great place to work.

  • I take an active role in my team and co-operate with colleagues in other parts of the store.

  • I keep my colleagues informed so that they can perform their roles effectively. I pass on my knowledge to colleagues and encourage them to do the same  

Steering the business

  • I contribute to making the IKEA store successful, high performing and capable of achieving sales growth.

  • I work towards agreed goals and take appropriate action to ensure I meet them.

  • I challenge costs by working in a lean, simple, cost-conscious way, using and sharing good examples and encouraging the team to discover smarter ways of working.


  • I ensure that the IKEA Quality and Food Safety Policies and routines are followed.

  • I report any food incident or potential incident to my manager. I contribute to creating a “safety first” culture where co-workers are encouraged to raise and discuss concerns and solutions.

  • I ensure there is the right number of co-workers in the right place at the right time to run my area successfully.

  • I also work proactively to avoid bottlenecks and consistently improve customer satisfaction.

  • I ensure the daily operational routines and actions set out by my manager for the area are implemented. 


  • Decision-making and problem-solving abilities with the drive to make things happen.

  • Communicates well with others.

  • Displays a ‘customer comes first’ attitude by training and holding co-workers accountable for delivering legendary customer service.

  • Maintains and models a calm demeanor during periods of high volume or unusual events. Continues to keep store operating to standard, strives to improve, and sets a positive example for the team.

  • Drives and maintains sales inventory, in alignment to the business plan, and minimizes waste.

  • Drives the culture and effective communication in alignment with our key values.

  • Manages and motivates the team to increase sales and ensure efficiency.

  • Maintains awareness of market trends in the retail industry, understanding forthcoming customer initiatives and monitoring what local competitors are doing.

  • Ensures operations standards for quality, customer service and health and safety are met.

  • Plans, prioritizes, identifies, communicates, and delegates appropriate responsibilities and practices to department co-workers to ensure smooth flow of operations.

  • Identifies current and future customer requirements by establishing rapport with customers and other co-workers who are in a position to understand service requirement.

  • Soliciting feedback from the customers whenever required


  • Experience of

    • Serving Customers

    • Working in vibrant retail environment with proven track record

    • Working with an KPI-driven action plan

    • Supervising and working in a team

    • Developing action plans

  • Basic English communication skills

  • MS Office literate


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