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The Delivery Service Team Leader’s primary responsibility to lead a passionate & diverse team providing a great after sales experience for customers. Manage cross functional teams efficiently in order to achieve a common business goal
To lead the Delivery team and Co-Ordinate with the Transport service team and build an overall strategy. By that, secure the proper capacities through time to have smooth operations. To offer the service product that meet the needs of the customer during & after purchase process. Strengthen the main objectives of IKEA to be leader in home furnishing business in our local market.

  • I manage and lead the staff and activities of the Home delivery Team, including   recruitment, coaching, mentoring, training, scheduling, and performance management utilizing IKEA values.
  • Manage the Flow & Capacity Planning function through active participation
  • Allocating the work routines and supporting the team on day to day operations
  • Coordinating with the cross functional teams
  • Create a healthy environment, where the IKEA culture is strong and where the diversity of our customers and co-workers is valued
  • I ensure HR processes are followed and there is the proper development planning
  • Evaluating the product return scenarios and proposing actions to prevent
  • Maintaining clear timelines on scheduled deliveries as per zones
  • Implementing the store management directions within the team in the same tone of voice
  • Owning the handover process from internal to external team
  • Initiate development activities to secure customers by ensuring they meet friendly, helpful and knowledgeable co-workers


  • Preferred experience in Home furnishing/Delivery/Retail Operations
  • Excellent customer service skills and verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to assess customer personalities, service standards and knowledge levels during a furniture assembly process and throughout the advocacy phase.
  • Good analytical skills for planning and managing day to day schedules, fixing assembly slots, assisting customers and monitoring sales.
  • Computer aptitude, Microsoft applications Excel and Word.
  • Strong interpersonal, communications, analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills with a proven experience of managing a team of 10 or more.
  • Actively seeking improved methods of working in a simple, lean and cost-efficient way with with proven ability to work as part of a larger team.
  • A practical hands-on approach to your tasks and the ability to work in a fast-paced retail environment.


  • Good communication skills in English & Hindi, Preferably Telugu
  • Experience of handling teams
  • Ability to bring out the best in people and to motivate, capacity to choose and develop co-workers competencies
  • Ability to handle multiple customer enquiries.
  • Proven ability to understand cause and effect of decisions.
  • Lifting/Handling Requirements - Ability to occasionally move or handle merchandise throughout the location generally 10-20 Kgs. This may include bending, stretching, reaching, and lifting on a regular basis. Any manual lifting over 25 Kgs will require the assistance of other co-worker(s) and/or use of manual lifting equipment.
  • Ability to communicate via in person, phone or e-mail.
  • Proven analytical abilities
  • Walking requirements - Freely move across all areas of the location such as sales floor, stock area, cashier area and different areas at the customer’s place as per the requirement.
  • Ability to handle multiple and changing priorities/deadlines and moderate stress.
  • Having a good record in getting the task completed within committed time frame
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