Next Generation

A New Way To Do Business

Since 2012 IKEA has been creating partnerships with businesses across the world that focus on benefiting social issues and creating lasting change in their communities – Social entrepreneurs.

IKEA is choosing to collaborate with artisans in small-scale producer groups who would not usually meet the company’s regular demands of supply due to their limited resources and small numbers. Through these partnerships we are creating something a little different for our customer; limited edition, hand-made collections that have been created with a social mission and still affordable to the many.

We have been forming partnerships with social entrepreneurs in international countries who use innovative business to address social issues in their communities, by developing the handicraft skills and offering employment and training opportunities. IKEA is collaborating with these social enterprises to design and produce handmade, limited edition collections to sell in a select number or our stores.

In India we are working in collaboration with social entrepreneurs in to produce limited edition collections for IKEA stores around the world. Currently two initiatives of Next Generation are ongoing in India, with Rangsutra, Swaayam Kala and Industree Producer Transform. The limited edition collections of handmade products are sold in selected stores in Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

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