IKEA has been present in India for the last 28 years, sourcing for its stores around the world. In India, IKEA currently has 48 suppliers with about 45,000 direct employees and about 400,000 people in the extended supply chain.

Our suppliers are our strategic long term partners. IKEA works closely with suppliers in setting up efficient and sustainable production processes to create affordable home furnishing products with good design and quality. Together with its suppliers, it supports innovation and entrepreneurship and invests in modern manufacturing technology that helps create globally competitive capacities and set up greenfield factories.

IKEA is committed to responsible sourcing, and our history of developing successful supplier relationships in India means that IKEA is well positioned, not just to ‘Make in India’ for India, but to ‘Make More in India’ for IKEA worldwide. This gives the current and future new suppliers in India a much bigger market to aspire for.

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