A small studio for sleeping and socialising

Make your room work harder by freeing up some of that precious space with clever storage and multi-purpose furniture.

A small studio for sleeping and socialising

Need a space-saving single, a comfy double and a versatile sofa? Meet the bed that does it all! It’s easy to assemble and take apart again when you move too. Stack the frames and pop a bedspread on top for a daybed during the week. Got dinner company? Separate the beds to form a spacious corner sofa! For late night guests, push the beds together and attach the straps to make a double that won’t slip apart.

Stackable bed
IKEA: Chest of 6 drawers

Use the space in front of a window to hang clothes from a curtain rod attached to the ceiling. Give your room an airy feel with an open shelving unit, this one has hooks on the side to keep everyday stuff within reach. Store bed linen and towels in boxes with lids. Put basics in a chest of drawers, just make sure you anchor it to the wall. Personalise with paint – we used rose and pink to contrast with the natural wood.

IKEA: Curtain rod
IKEA: Shelving unit
IKEA: New Storage box with lid

Maximise space with multi-purpose storage. A coffee table doubles as a bedside table – use the space underneath for your pillow during the day and your bedspread at night. Make a comfy sofa back by sewing two bands to cushion covers and hanging them from hooks. Just take them down to turn your daybed into a sleeping spot. Keep night time essentials such as chargers and books inside a basket on a hook.

IKEA: Bedspread
IKEA: New Cushion cover
IKEA: Basket
IKEA: Coffee table
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