Celebrate more, for less

Get creative in the kitchen and you’ll see that celebrating doesn’t take much. Whether it’s making homemade gifts with your little helpers or cracking on with party prep whilst they enjoy playtime, there’s enough room for everyone.

IKEA: Celebrate more, for less

You don’t have to spend much to make a thoughtful gesture. Simply fill KORKEN jars with anything from homemade preserves to shop-bought candy for a gift that little ones can help you prepare.

IKEA ideas
IKEA ideas

Make sure you’re already ready for a celebratory movie night or afternoon treat at home by keeping some TILLSLUTA jars stocked up with snacks and goodies. And when you’re finished you can simply store the jars neatly away in the METOD kitchen drawer.

You’re never too old for a party bag and your little ones will love getting crafty in the kitchen. The GIVANDE candy bags can be filled with festive treats like gingerbread to keep your guests sweet.

IKEA ideas
IKEA ideas

Mix up your drinks party menu and have some fun experimenting with mocktails that even little ones can enjoy. Whether it’s hot or cold, shaken or stirred, there’s a glass to suit everyone’s drink of choice.

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