Events & Workshops Terms and Conditions

  1. This event is for the registered members of IKEA FAMILY only. Registered members will need to register into every event they wish to attend at
  2. A member may select and bring an additional guest in case they wish to bring someone along for the workshop/event. Every member is entitled to one additional guest.
  3. The registration shall be done on a first come first serve basis. IKEA India shall not be held liable in case the slots are fully booked.
  4. All members have to reach the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the event. All the members shall produce their event ticket whenever he is asked to produce the same.
  5. There is no entry fee applicable to attend this event. Further, no minimum purchase requirement is required to meet in order to attend this event.
  6. IKEA reserves the right to cancel any event or event slot at any time and IKEA shall not be held responsible in any such event. An advance notice shall be sent by IKEA to all the registered members who have enrolled for a particular event.
  7. In case the slots are not booked completely, IKEA reserves the right to postpone the event to a future date or cancel the event. In case the event is postponed, members who have registered and have a seat booked in the existing slot will be assured a seat in the postponed slot.
  8. During the event, IKEA may conduct a contest and may also distribute a surprise gift to the winning contester, however, the winning member shall not be entitled to choose the gift. IKEA India Pvt Ltd shall have the sole right to decide which product will be given to the winning member as a gift.
  9. IKEA reserves the right to use information like pictures, videos etc. taken during workshops, events or any other activities conducted by IKEA, at Hej HOME, IKEA store or during any on ground activities conducted by IKEA. This information will be used only by IKEA for communication on their Website, Social Media and other communication platforms.
  10. The above terms and conditions shall be over and above the Other applicable IKEA and IKEA FAMILY terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for “Other Special Campaigns”

  1. This event is for the registered members of IKEA FAMILY only. In case you are not part of IKEA Family, please sign up here to register in IKEA FAMILY and to participate in all workshops and events
  2. This contest is for IKEA Family members registered from Hyderabad only
  3. This event is valid for the designated hours
  4. Members will get only one chance to participate in this event.
  5. Members might not get to choose the gift product. IKEA India Pvt Ltd has the sole right to decide on the product given to the winning member’s as gift
  6. Winners will be selected per through a random system selection and there is no manual intervention to decide winners. No conflicts or concerns on the process from the customers will be considered.
  7. All the winners will have to collect their gifts personally from IKEA Hej Home, Forum Mall, Hyderabad. Winners should collect the gifts from IKEA Hej Home, Hyderabad.
  8. IKEA India reserves the right to capture the images of the winners and to use it for further communication through digital channels or through any other channel
  9. The giveaways are not in exchange of any monitory consideration and the warranties/guarantee does not apply for these products
  10. Other T&C’s of the membership program shall also be applied