Help for members

At IKEA FAMILY we are always here to lend a hand. When you have any questions about the membership, it’s benefits or even the Terms & Conditions, you can always refer here.


IKEA FAMILY is IKEA's customer loyalty programme. it is open to everyone, and it’s free to join. With an IKEA FAMILY membership you get great offers on selected home furnishing products, food products and services. You also get Home furnishing inspiration through member only workshops and events, sneak peaks etc.

Anyone over the age of 18 can join IKEA FAMILY. And it's free!

You can use your membership at the IKEA Hej HOME in Hyderabad or to do any event bookings online using your IKEA FAMILY card number or your registered mobile no. Be sure to scan your membership barcode at the checkout every time you visit.

By joining IKEA FAMILY you can enjoy great everyday offers across products, services and IKEA restaurant, Ideas and inspiration through our events, workshops, sneak peek and get a chance to participate in community initiatives. And all this comes Free!

While the complete IKEA FAMILY benefit package is available from store but by signing up at Hej HOME you enjoy IKEA experiences, get special invites to our workshops and events and have a chance to walk away with free IKEA products

You can sign up to IKEA FAMILY through our website You can also visit Hej HOME if you need physical assistance from our co-workers to sign up

IKEA FAMILY is different from other loyalty programs,instead of collecting points or rebates for future use, you can enjoy great offers and experiences every time you shop or visit us.

Our exact benefit package/ecommerce discounts etc. will be revealed closer to the store opening. As a member we will keep you posted regularly you on what's happening.

Yes, in most cases you should be able to, to avail special prices on regular range. This is subject to the country you are visiting. It should have an IKEA FAMILY program also and should allow overseas card. However you might not be able to enjoy tactical offers which are spend, visitation based due to legal and other constraints.

The email ID is a very important source for sending you the right communications and updates about what's happening at IKEA. However you can still become an IKEA FAMILY member if you do not have an email ID, please connect with any IKEA coworker in Hej Home to help you with the sign up process.

As often as you like, just scan your membership barcode whenever you make a visit to the Hej HOME or make a purchase in your IKEA store.

IKEA FAMILY card is a lifelong free card, however if you are not scanning your card for 5 years at a stretch. IKEA reserves the right to delete your membership.

Try signing up again, it could be a system issue. if the issue persists please call our customer support at 1800 419 4532

IKEA encourage seperate sign up's for indiviual people for data quality and more relevant offerings.

To cancel your membership, you can log in to your account and delete your membership or you can call us on 1800 419 4532

You need to have an email address/mobile number registered with us in order to access your online IKEA FAMILY account with a combination of Password you have set during your registration process. In case you do not remember your password, you can always reset.

You can update any of your details such as name, address, contact details, marketing preferences and home interests online via logging into your IKEA FAMILY account on IKEA website

We require your address is a requested field to communicate with you in future and also it is to be a handy information across our other internal systems.

Data Security is important to IKEA . All the systems, processes and agreements in place internally and secured in line with legislation requirements. In special cases where we might share certain information which are meant for promotional purposes. We will make sure these third partys are also be subject to our terms and conditions and data privacy policy. for more information refer to our privacy policy.

Please login into your account on the website and choose the unsubscribe option for Emails or SMS-es that we sent you and provide us a week's time for the same to reflect in all our systems. Alternately you can contact our customer centre at 1800 419 4532 for assistance.

IKEA family members receive regular newsletters from IKEA. You can also read our website content for more information on IKEA FAMILY and IKEA. In case you have not subscribed to our emails and are not receiving our newsletter, please check the preference to email option in your edit account page, for any assistance you can call us on 1800 419 4532

You can always see latest in the IKEA Family Offers in Hej HOME, in the IKEA FAMILY newsletter, and on the website. Some will also be communicated in your direct communications from us. You can regularly visit our events website to register into events.

You can always see the latest IKEA FAMILY events by visiting our website Additionally once a member you also receive regular communications with featured events and links if you are opted in to our channels.Some will also be communicated in your direct mailers and e-mails from us.

You can sign up to IKEA FAMILY through our website and even through I-pads installed in Hej HOME. After the store opens in spring next year you can also sign up at the store at one of the IKEA family Kiosks .

The sign up process will only take less than a minute and you will receive an email/sms instantly to welcome you into the program and share your membership card and bar code.

The event information is there on our website. Please visit "" to register.

Try signing up again, it could be a system issue. if the issue persists please call our customer support at 1800 419 4532

Yes, you can sign up for free on our website and I-pads installed at Hej Home. However ,since we are currently opening up in Hyderabad with other cities following soon, you might not be able to enjoy our complete benefit package.

Try after 24 hours or alternatively call us at 1800 419 4532