How to work your workspace

Wouldn’t it be nice if work felt a little less like... Work? Especially at home. After all, that’s where we should feel our best, not stressed or distracted. Here are three unique spaces to be inspired by.

IKEA work your workspace

The creative

A big imagination needs a work space to match. So we went for bold colours to help spark that creativity, and kept storage off the desktop to leave enough room to really spread out. Art supplies stay organized in the drawers with the help of VARIERA knife trays. And because any old notice board just won’t cut it, we mounted knobs on the wall and strung them with a bright ribbon thick enough to hang things from (our digital designer, Annie, created these illustrations!). Bonus: this is super budget-friendly.

IKEA the creative
IKEA ALEX Drawer unit
IKEA ALEX Drawer unit
IKEA ALEX Drawer unit
IKEA The hobbyist

The hobbyist

Passionate about something? Say, botany, for example? Go big! If you love it, celebrate it. If nature inspires you, make the most of your view by placing your desk in front of the window. Surround yourself with plants, flowers, botanical books and prints (we hung ours from the ceiling). Instead of traditional office furniture, try using pieces that work with the overall theme of the space. These stackable KNAGGLIG boxes provide storage, while the rod hanging in the window is great for hanging things from hooks. They’re both wooden, lending to the natural feel of the workspace.

IKEA rod hanging

The dynamic duo

To kids, all time with you is quality time, even if you need to get a bit of work done. So give them their own space to get to business, complete with a storage station for art supplies, and hooks to hang their latest creations from (yours are great for calendars and notes). Because really, it’s just about spending time together, right?

IKEA The dynamic duo
IKEA HELMER Drawer unit
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