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IKEA India, part of the IKEA Group, has been present in India for 30 years, sourcing many different products for IKEA stores worldwide. Today we source products for approximately € 315 million every year, with the aim of doubling it in the next few years to meet our global and Indian needs.

We work with 48 suppliers in India, engaging 45,000+ direct co-workers and approximately 400,000 coworkers in our extended supply chain. Our suppliers are long term partners who share our vision and values.

A typical IKEA store size is about 350,000 square feet, built on a plot size of 8-11 acres (about 4 football fields) and offers approximately 9000 products. Each store employs 400 – 700 coworkers directly and 2000 indirectly.

Besides offering beautiful home furnishing solutions and inspiration, we will create new jobs, grow the manufacturing sector, expand the supplier base, focus on diversity, skill development, transfer of knowledge and best practices, and sustainable development of the retail industry and supply chain.

IKEA Suppliers

IKEA has been present in India for the last 30 years, sourcing for its stores around the world. In India, IKEA currently has 48 suppliers with about 45,000 direct employees and about 400,000 people in the extended supply chain.

Our suppliers are our strategic long term partners. IKEA works closely with suppliers in setting up efficient and sustainable production processes to create affordable home furnishing products with good design and quality. Together with its suppliers, it supports innovation and entrepreneurship and invests in modern manufacturing technology that helps create globally competitive capacities and set up greenfield factories.

If you want to know more or are interested to become an IKEA supplier, check out the IKEA supplier portal. Click Here to Find Out More »