Paint your own decorative napkins

Want to set your table with a little DIY attitude? Give white cloth napkins a colourful, custom boost. Check out this simple guide for stencilled napkins that’ll leave guests thinking you’re DIY royalty.

IKEA: Paint your own decorative napkins

Step 1 Draw a pattern on a piece of paper. Think basic shapes and big sections. We chose a diamond as it’s simple to draw and matched our royal theme. Use a black felt tip pen to colour in thick lines, so it’s easier to see.

IKEA ideas
IKEA ideas

Step 2 Place a sheet of plastic on a chopping board. Lay the paper on top. With a utility knife, cut the pattern through the paper and plastic. A ruler helps for super-straight edges. Tape can help keep the sheets in place. Discard the paper.

Step 3 Place the plastic sheet on top of the napkin. (We lined it up with a corner to emphasise the diamond’s geometric shape.) Put some fabric paint in a bowl. Use a roller to apply paint to the napkin. Let dry.

IKEA ideas
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